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GOBAG asked if we could create a promo video highlighting their passion for adventure and showing off why the GoBag will be your new favourite carry-on travel companion. Our love for travel aligned so closely with theirs that of course we were on board straight away! We filmed throughout NSW, Australia, the PNW and Californian coast, United States.

Filmed & Edited by Shawn Lowe



Working with Tropical North Queensland and Queensland Tourism on their Paradise Through Your Lens campaign has been one of our absolute favourite projects to date! A week spent snorkelling, diving, and learning more about the reef in the glorious Far North QLD was an absolute dream. Being able to share our own personal story was the cherry on top. We're tremendously thankful to have had the opportunity to partner with the tourism team and create some magic which was broadcast nation wide!

Filmed & Edited by Shawn Lowe



As photographers & film makers, we're well aware that the options for a trusty camera bag are seriously lacking. Enter Langly to save the day...! We were beyond stoked to have them approach us to visually tell their story, show the heart behind their brand and obviously capture some kick-butt footage highlighting the endless features of their bags. Suited for all weather conditions, explorers of all kinds, and obviously adventure, we couldn't jump aboard fast enough, and have now adopted many Langly bags of our own.

Filmed & Edited by Shawn Lowe



Kinfolk is a quarterly magazine based in Portland, Oregon delving deeply into home, work, style and culture. Their clean design and style connected perfectly with us, as well as their attitude towards simple living and honest story telling. Kinfolk is one of those brands that make you jump for joy when they love what you create! It's a big hearty confidence boost! This video was created as a live-story to accompany a piece that was featured in issue 9 of the magazine, The Life Aquatic. We love the way that this article was brought to life through film!

Directed & Produced by Chris & Sarah Rhoads of We Are The Rhoads | Filmed by Shawn Lowe & Caleb Babcock | Edited by Caleb Babcock



A few snippets from some of our past love stories we've told. We'll be honest and say we aren't fans of your traditional wedding film. You know the one, overly cinematic, lots of long slow motion shots, no real story being told, very little substance that makes one any different from the last... Which is why we've challenged the norm & created what we think is a pretty unique alternative focusing more on the personal journey of a couple, not just their wedding day! Check out our packages page (coming soon) for more info.

Filmed & Edited by Shawn Lowe



These two films were shot for YHA Australia, a fantastic hostel group, over the course of a week in Northern NSW, Australia. We had a great team of producers and talent work together to tell the story of travellers in some of Australia's most beautiful locations (in our opinion)! What a week of adventure! Talk about a dream job. Special thanks to Dave from DCFOTOFILM for trusting us to shoot with one of your rad clients.

Filmed by Shawn Lowe | Edited by Dave Copithorne DCFOTOFILM