An Update On Us

Hello 2017! We're happy you're here 'cause we have a whole lot to look forward to! One of the things we want to do more of this year is blog. We haven't been too committed to it so far, but we love it and want to share more moments and memories of us. 

Personally, I flipping love the month of January. It's the middle of Summer here in Aus, and everyone is on that 'New Years High' where dreams are flying left right & centre, everyone's reviving via a holiday break (best spent by the sea), we are all trying to eat a lot of fruit & salads to get back into shape after that holiday season binge, the sun is shining on the daily, and the possibilities are seemingly endless for the year ahead. 

We've been pleasantly surprised by what God's already laid before us for this year. When we got home from our Scandinavian adventure in early December, we really didn't have a clue what we were going to do for work or where we would live. We've been based in my parents place for over a year now (although 5 months have been spent overseas) and we are so ready to get back into our own groove and find ourselves a little home. 

Much to our delight, we felt a nudge from our Heavenly Father to head east to the stunning Northern Beaches of Sydney. I have wanted to live by the ocean for who knows how long and to finally have the door opened makes my heart do leaps of joy! A couple of days after Christmas, Shawn managed to land a job in Manly. The funny thing was that he'd been applying for a million and one video jobs all over Sydney, but out of the blue he is offered a full time salary job at a beautiful cafe/restaurant right on the beach. This finalised our decision to move to the beaches and to be gifted the opportunity to focus every inch of our creative energy into our travel book. We'll also be able to spend most mornings together as Shawn is usually rostered on for afternoons and nights. This is totally a blessing in disguise, and although I believe God does have the perfect video job out there for Shawn when the timing is right, I think this work will be so good for the season we are in. 

Obviously we are so beyond thrilled to get stuck into creating our book, and sharing our hearts and travels with the world, however that is definitely not the most exciting journey we are undertaking this year. Whilst on our trip, as many will know, we conceived a perfect little bundle of Lowe goodness! Growing our family is absolutely one of the best things we will ever do! We are both feeling incredibly blessed by God giving us the opportunity to be parents. The little darling will join us earth-side in June, so the second half of this year will be absolute magical bliss!! Raising kids by the beach is something I've always wanted, and sometimes I just want to cry thinking about how brilliantly everything has lined up to allow this (okay, the crying thing could be hormones, it never is easy to tell).

Aside from baby Lowe, moving to the beaches, and creating our book, there are many other little ventures stirring in our hearts. But these will develop over time and we can't give too much away just yet!

We'll keep this blog us up to date as we can (cut us some slack if it takes a bit of time to get into the groove) and share snippets of our life and the transitions we'll be going through this year!

Above all, we want to trust God more, lean on HIS understanding, and praise Him in ALL we do (especially before the blessing even arrives!!) 

Words by Ellie