Weekend Escape ~ Melbourne

Last night we returned from a sneaky getaway to Melbourne! It was the first time for both of us so excitement levels were high. We had been booked in to film a wedding on Saturday and so we decided to stay a couple of extra days to spend time with some of my Melbourne friends and explore the city. We didn't get to see too much, but it left a sweet sweet taste in our mouths and we want more already! We'll definitely be returning ASAP. 

Mel and Brad's wedding was incredible. We felt extremely blessed to be included in their day. They were fun, warm and so inviting. The farm they stayed on was absolutely beautiful! Check out a couple of our favourite spots.

On Friday and Sunday we were able to frolick through the city. We basically inhaled all the food and coffee placed in front of us, they really do know what's up down there! South Melbourne was our favourite area that we went to; it was a sunshiney sunday and the markets were full of bright and cheery folk. We experienced the best ever chai tea latte and meandered through the many market stalls, wishing I could fit rugs, furniture and plants in my suitcase! The suburbs were leafy, and the smell of freshly ground coffee filled the air. It was love!