Back In The Motherland

We have officially arrived back in the world of ridiculous sized coffees, fried chicken that is served for breakfast (with waffles &, really), tipping, and constant free re-fills, and it feels goooood.

After a gosh-awful 14 hour flight of cramps, nasty plane eggs, no sleep and no dinner we were pretty much ready to kiss the filthy LA ground, risking some serious diseases. We were welcomed with a sunrise worthy of the heart-eyes emoji. 

Thanks to some dear friends, we were able to leave the airport during our 8 hour layover and do a little sight seeing. Neither of us have spent any real time in LA, so we were stoked to hit up Santa Monica and grab some brekky. First of all I will just say, thank the Good Lord we didn't order large coffees - the SMALL was the size of a soup bowl!!!! The ridiculous sized cup and somewhat bitter, weak coffee was an excellent sign that we had definitely made it to the States. BUT, nevertheless, this was an incredible feeling! We are so happy to be here.

Looking out from the pier to the winding coastline got us so excited for our road trip from Seattle back down to LA in January. But until then, we are spending lots of time with family and friends, hiking, snuggling up on the couch until the christmas tree lights, hot tubbing, dinner parties, and hoping and praying for snow ASAP in Seattle! 

On Sunday, I (Ellie) celebrated my beautiful sissy-in-law at her bridal shower. I love being here with our family for special times such as this! And obviously Shawn cannot wipe the smile off his face being surrounded by so many of his favourite people. Feeling super blessed! Enjoy some happy snaps we've taken thus far! 

Flying over the mountains to Seattle was pretty darn magical & made our hearts do little backflips with excitement!