Snow Days

Two snow days in a row! Our wish for a white christmas seems to have a good chance of coming true at this stage. Temps are dropping, snow is covering the mountains & the forecast appears promising. 

On Thursday we heard of blizzard conditions, and huge amounts of snow fall through Snoqualmie Pass, so we hit the road feeling confident we'd find some of the fluffy white goodness. And we did! We drove out towards Stevens Pass and stopped numerous times along the way for photos and a play. We drove through small snow covered christmassy towns, and up tiny mountain roads, being totally mystified by the beauty of it all. 

On Friday we headed out again with a bunch of friends, took sleds, wood, hot cocoa, 17 layers of clothes & Shawn the dog. After getting Keith (the Babcock land cruiser) stuck a few times, we eventually set up camp in a small clearing. The snowflakes were huge and floated down so effortlessly. It was beautiful! It finally feels like christmas! We blasted some christmas tunes, built a fire, drank hot cocoa and frolicked through the snow until our noses were red & our toes were blue!

We had so much fun, can't wait for many more snow days to come. Thanks for the little adventure, Babcocks! As always, enjoy some happy snaps below.