On The Hunt For Snow (+ an update)

We've been a little quiet on the social media front as of late, so we thought we'd let you in on what we've been up to. It's pretty exciting....we've been sick as dogs! It's such a joy to begin your holiday with regular visits to the bathroom. The toilet bowl and I now have a whole new relationship. Okay, too much? Sorry. 

We came down with some sort of stomach bug so for the last 3-4 days have had to put our adventures on hold. However, the day before the nasty little parasite inhabited our bodies, we went for a drive through the mountains hoping we'd find some snow to play in. We had no such luck, but of course we soaked in some killer views nonetheless. 

Hopefully we can get into some more exciting adventures this week, we are itching to get out there! I (Ellie) am resting up for another day, as I'm not quite resembling a normal human being just yet. As for Shawn, he's lost his mind and gone surfing! Yes, it is freezing cold. Maybe i'll get him to post about how that went one day soon! Hope you're all getting beyond excited for Christmas - WE ARE!